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 Main Application
 The machine is widely applied for the material crushing by the industries of pharmaceutics,
 chemical and foodstuff, etc.
 The crushing chamber is equipped with the wind wheel type high-speed rotary cutters so that
 the airflow in the chamber is strong enough to eliminate any heat in the chamber. It
 possesses the merits of smooth operating, dismantling and assembling, low noise and good
 crushing efficiency.
 Working Method
 The machine uses the wind wheel type high-speed rotary cutters and the fixed cutters to
 crush, mill and shear raw material, which is accompanied by strong airflow inside of the
 chamber to bring out the heat with the finished products through the screen. The size of
 granules can be achieved by changing of the screen. The dust will be collected and recycled
 via cloth bag or filter of the dust box.
        MODEL          MODEL 150          MODEL 250          MODEL 350          MODEL 500
        Capacity (kg/h)        20-80        30-200        50-300        80-500
        Size of input granules (mm)        < 10        < 10        < 12        < 15
       Size of output granules (mm)        12-120        12-120        12-120        12-120
        crushing power (kw)        2.2        5.5        7.5        11
        Dust absorption power (kw)        1.5        1.5        1.5        1.5
        Speed of principal axis (r/min)        3000        2900        2900        2800
        Weight (kg)        250        420        620        900
        Overall size (L×W×H)
       1280×600×1450        1280×600×1550        1300×600×1650        1450×600×1780

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