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  • LFJ-250
 Main application
 The machine is widely applied for the material pulverization in pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical and national defense research industries, especially for heat sensitive material, rubber, plastic, medicine and animals and plants with tenacity under normal temperature. The low temperature grinding is to freeze the above materials to below brittle point, and then to pulverize them to required fineness, with original component undestroyed. For those flammable and explosive materials under normal temperature, the machine can also be used to achieve an obvious effect.
 The machine is composed of storage pre-frozen cylinder, spiral propeller, low temperature pulverizer, cyclone separator, dust filter and electric cabinet.

 Technical Data
 1、  Pulverizing plate diameter: Φ250; Running speed: 3000-6000r/mm, or selected for material
 2、  Pulverizing temperature: -140℃; Size of input material: <Φ5-10mm; Pre-frozen: 5-10 min
 3、  Pulverizing object: Animals or plants with hardness less than chrome 4
 4、  Fineness: 80-325; Capacity: 10-180kg/h
 5、 Power: 6.75kw
 6、 Overall size  (L×W×H): 2160×1860×2300(mm)

         Item         pulverizing temperature(℃)          Capacity(kg/h)         pulverizing fineness(mesh)
         nylon        -80        8-30        60-100
         tyre rubber        -70        25-50        60-100
        Soybean        -120        30-80        200-325
         turtle        -140        8-35        100-150

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