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LPG Series High Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer

  • LPG Series
  • XD
  • 10 Sets/Month
  • Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China
  • Wooden Carton
Main Application
1. High Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer (LPG) applied for dyestuff, aluminium hydroxide, ammonium bromide, iron oxide red, white carbon black, natural pigment, we have wide experience in such materials.
2. The LPG series spray high-speed centrifugal dryer is a special-purpose dry equipment that used for drying such liquid as emulsion, suspending liquid, paste, solution and so on.
3. It displays especially splendid on the drying of the polymer and resin; Dyes and paints category; Ceramics and glass category; Rust remover, insecticide; Carbohydrate, dairy products; Detergent and surface activity; Fertilizer; Organic and inorganic compound liquid material.
4.Air enters the air distributor which lies in top of the dryer through infiltrate and the heater, then hot air that access to spiral evenly enters dryer.
5. The material fluid that in material groove is sent to centrifugal atomizer which is in the top of the dryer by pump after being filtered, which makes material liquid droplets sprayed into small objects like, then the fluid and the hot air contacts to flow, the moisture rapidly evaporates, being dried to finished product in the extremely short time.
6. The product is exhausted from the bottom of the dryer and the cyclone separator, the waste gas is extracted and exhausted by the air blower.

1. The drying velocity is quick and it have the characteristic of instantaneously drying which only needs for 5-15 seconds in general.
2. It completes the drying pross in short time and applies to the hot-sensitive material, which can maintain the material color, the fragrance and the taste.
3. It is suitable for continuous production control with the characteristic of simple production process and convenient control. 4. It have good dispersion, fluidity and solubility.
       model        5        25        50          150          200-2000
       inlet temp        140-350 self control          140-350 self control          140-350 self control          140-350 self control        140-350 self control  
       outlet temp        80-90        80-90          80-90          80-90          80-90
       max moisture evaporated          5          25          50          150          200-2000
       transmitting form of spray head        conpresses air        mechanical drive          mechanical drive          mechanical drive          mechanical drive
       max revolving speed        25000        18000          18000          15000          8000-15000
       dia. of spray plate          50        120          120          150          180-240
       heat source        electricity        steam+electricity          steam, electricity, fuel, gas & hot air oven          steam, electricity, fuel, gas & hot air oven          steam, electricity, fuel, gas & hot air oven
       max. power of electrical heating          9          36          72          99        
       overall size        1.8*0.93*2.2          4*2.7*4.5         4.5*3.5*5.5          7*5.5*7.2        Decided according toreal situation

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