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MFJ Series Pulse Dust Absorption Pulverizer

  • MFJ Series

 Main Application

 The machine is applied for pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemical industries. It has the functions of air-cold, no screener, etc, especially suitable for fiber shape and grease material.

 Working Method

 The machine is composed of crusher, cyclone separating device, pulse dust absorption box, etc. The material is feeding into grind chamber through the upper feeder, stroked by the rotating hummer piece. Fineness of product can be adopted by changing the fractional knife and fractional disc. The crushed material being feed into cyclone separating device, and exit through the airlock. The dust being feed into pulse dust absorption box, and be filtered and cycled through filter. The machine reached the"GMP"standard, and made of stainless steel.






















         (mm)Size of input granules










         Fineness of products(Mesh)










         (kw)Crush power






























         (mm)Overall Size(L×W×H)











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