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SZG Serise Double Cone Revolving Vacuum Dryer

  • SZG Serise
Main Application
Double cone revolving vacuum dryer (SZG) applied for propiconazole, penconazole, triflumizole, vanillin, emulsifier, soda etc.

 Product characteristic
 1. When the oil heats up, uses the automatic constant temperature control, may the dry biochemistry product and the mineral raw material, the temperature may in 20 ~ 160 degree between temperature differences in ± 2 degree within.
 2. Thermal efficiency high, compared to common drying oven to enhance above 2 times.
 3. Indirect heating, the material cannot pollute, tallies "GMP" Request. Equipment service operation simple, is easy to clean.

 Principle of work

 1. Passes over the hot energy in the airtight band (for example hot water, low pressure steam or heat conduction oil), the quantity of heat after bequeaths by the dry material.
 2. Under the power actuation, the shell of tank does slowly revolves, in the pot the material unceasingly mixes, thus achieves the strengthened dry goal.
 3. The material is at the vacuum state, steams the steam pressure to drop enables the material surface the moisture (solvent) to achieve the saturated condition evaporated, and promptly discharges the recycling by the vacuum pump. The material interior moisture (solvent) unceasingly to the superficial see page, evaporates, discharges, three processes unceasingly carry on, the material achieves the dry goal in the very short time.

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