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WFS-250 mini Pulverizer

  • WFS-250

 Main Application
     The machine is composed of main motor, auxiliary motor and electrical control cabinet
 with the capabilities of winnowing,nonsieve or mesh, equality of granule size and etc. It
 meets the international advanced level and suitable for the material grinding by the trade
 of pharmaceutics, chemical and foodstuff, etc.

 Working Method
     Raw material is delivered to the grinding chamber via hopper by spiral feeder, and is
 cut and sheared by the high speed cutters, then the material is moved into the whirlwind
 separator and the sack dust catcher by the negative pressure sucking method. The
 ejected material meets the product requirement.
 Technical Data
            Model 250
                 Size of input granules(mm)
           < 5
                 Size of output granules
                 General power(kw)
                 Main running speed(r/min)
                Overall size (L×W×H)(mm)


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