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XYJ Series Cylinder Medicine Washing Machine

  • XYJ Series
 Main application
 The machine is used for the washing of Chinese herbs, vegetables and fruits to remove sand, contamination and germs. It is suitable for the washing of those rootstalk, seeds, testacean, mineral and homonemeae with length of over 2mm, serving as ideal washing equipment in drink factories, medicine factories and hospitals.
 Working method
 Accepting cylinder rotary style, the machine is equipped with high pressure water spray, whose resource can be directly connected to water supply or circulated water. With inside screw guide plate to push materials forward, the machine can carry on the continuous operation and auto discharging. For those special materials, the machine can make it clean repeatedly until they are clean. Replacing traditional manual operation, the machine intensifies power force and reduces site pollution, with features of high efficiency, low noise and easy maintenance.

 Technical Data


       Model        Washing capacity (kg/h)        Cylinder speed (r/min)        Power (kw)        Voltage (v)        Weight (kg)        Overall size (L×W×H) (mm)        Water consumption (T/h)        Washing time (s)
       900        800-1000        8        4.5        380        900        3150×1200×1850        0.5-5        60-100
       720        300-500        10        3.7        380        700        2800×850×1300        0.5-5        60-100
       500        100-300        12        2.6        380        600        2700×700×1150        0.5-5        60-100



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