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ZS Series Vibrating Screener

  • ZS Series
   Main Application
   The machine is suitable for flow operation, and is the ideal equipment for sifting out the granules in different sizes and proportion and for continuous material delivering.
   Structure and Characteristics
   The machine is composed of the hopper, vibration chamber, clutch, motor, etc. The vibration chamber is equipped with eccentric wheel, rubber soft pieces, main shift, bearings, etc. When the adjustable eccentric weight passed its gravity to the central line of main shift by the driving of motor to break the balance, then under the centrifugal force, the orbit spire of target material is forced to change its way in the chamber. The size of swing of the weight regulator van be adjusted according to different kinds of target material or the number of mesh. The whole machine has the specialties of compact structure, small volume, non-dust flying, low noise and high output, low energy consumption, easy to be moved and maintained.

 Technical Data

       MODEL        MODEL 350        MODEL 515        MODEL 650
       Capacity(kg/h)        60-200        100-500        180-1000
       Number of mesh(mesh)        12-200        12-200        12-200
       Motor power(kw)        0.55        0.75        1.50
       Speed of principal axis(r/min)        1380        1370        1370
       Weight (kg)        180        260        380
       Overall size (L×W×H)(mm)
       640×640×1060        710×710×1290        880×880×1350

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